Mylago breaks down the limits of a traditional pool.


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Artificial Ponds Mylago

an element that enriches the environment in all seasons.

The construction features and naturalness of the materials make Mylago a real element of décor for your garden; a design element that fits perfectly in that setting.

The use of natural materials such as granules and stone pebbles,
special EPDM waterproofing, certified binders, allows the total absence of heavy structures or uncontrolled development of the subsoil. These materials create a natural pond that changes with the changing seasons.

We are pleased to present you an innovative technology solution that has been specifically designed(and later protected with an International Invention Patent) for the construction of bathing ponds in territories which, like yours, include areas of archaeological, landscaping and/or natural interest.
It is a technology for the construction of bathing ponds that improves the introduction of the same in the landscape, creating structures
that are lightweight, non-invasive, not anchored to the ground, and in seamless integration with the environment and the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape.

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Take a look to our natural lakes Mylago to discover the perfect integration with the enviroment and the naturalness of the surrounding landscape

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