This specific system, for the Mylago Accumulation Tank, allows the storage of rain water that is filtered and chemically treated so it can be reused for other purposes.

The filtration system must be chosen by the client, depending on the end-use of the water contained in the tank: for example, if you want to use the water for non-stop irrigation, it is preferable to choose biological filtration, i.e. a system that avoids the addition of treatment chemicals that could be harmful to plants or the soil.

Mylago can become an accumulation tank, a water storage tank for irrigation or non-potable household use.

In cases where irrigation is only sporadic, or it is required for slopes that are too low, or in periods of use, the tank can be trated with low salinity electrolysis systems 1 – 1,2 gr/liter of sodium chloride after evaluation by an agronomist.

A bypass allows connecting the suction of a pump for irrigation or other civil uses, directly from the tank. In this case a specific suction system must be provided,ask our technical office for more informations on your specific irrigation neeeds, we will reccomend the most suitable solution.