The filtration system of Mylago Bio Pools, creates a biological balance between water, plants and aquatic bacteria.

Minimizing the need for ammonia, nitrates and phosphates. In Bio Pools, this takes place by means of the so-called “regenerating” areas where the water is filtered through layers of crushed stone. In these areas you can place water plants, along with biological filtration, to keep the water purified. The water filtered in a natural way requires some compromise in terms of transparency, especially in the warmer periods of the year. In fact, these filtration systems allow amphibians to frequent the body of water.



In the Bio pools at certain times of the year some algae formations may develop. However these can be removed using special aspirators and treatments.

Mylago can be integrated with the best biological filtration systems on the market. Many European manufacturers use the Mylago technology.

We believe that the choice of the best filtration system, inBio Pools, especially if organic, requires a thorough analysis with the individual customer, to determine his/her expectations in terms of water quality and maintenance.

Discover Mylago Organic Filtration System with the ELECTROLYSIS