Mylago is a natural lake, a pefect garden decor, that enhances the environment in all seasons.

The constructive characteristics and the naturalness of the materials make Mylago a décor object for your garden; an added value for your property, and an element of design that integrates perfectly with the setting in which it will be placed.

The use of natural materials such as granules and stone pebbles, special EPDM waterproofing, certified binders, allows the total absence of heavy structures or uncontrolled development of the subsoil. These materials create a natural pond that changes with the turning of seasons.


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My Lago: Your perfect Garden Decor

MyLago: Add to the aesthetic advantages, a STONE coverage

Mylago can also be an Accumulation Tank

Easy to clean with special brushes or small sub-diving robots, a filtration system that the client chooses according to his/her needs: pond for acquatic plants and fish, storage tank or swimming pond in seasons when temperatures allow it.

The patented construction technique allows to shape and customize the pool bottom, to make it safe and low-maintenance.