Nothing is less impressive than pools or Jacuzzis in the garden. Those gardens do not inspire emotion and even in the seasons of disuse,  swimming pools and Jacuzzis invade the garden with unsightly coverings. Mylago is a decorative element of the garden throughout the year.
In the summer they are enjoyed by bathers and in the winter they take on the features of a natural pond accommodating the seasonal changes in the garden. The use of Mylago technology also means time-saving on the installation, after removal of the drawbacks of complex constructions.

A technical team is able to complete a turnkey Mylago measuring 10m² in 4-5 working days, complete with filtration system, a perimeter edge and lighting, all without the need to interrupt the continuity of the work. Compared to traditional pools, this is a huge environmental benefit and reduces inconveniences to the client. Think of a traditional “boxy” swimming pool and then compare it to a room in the house, completely empty without furnishings.

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MyLago is a garden decor usable in all seasons and throughout the entire year

The exact opposite of what clients seek in the rooms of their home. Mylago is usable in all seasons and even if it is not used, it still an element of décor.
With a Mylago pond/pool, you can enjoy your summer days in a space catering to your every need because we design it. And when the winter becomes the star of the show, the pool turns into an element of décor that will enhance your garden with its beauty.