Modern chronicles witness, more frequently, of how the development in the urban areas is constantly increasing, and this causes an environmental deterioration and the inhability for the drainage network or for the sewage system to support water floods.
The development of industrial, commercial and residential areas heavens the sewage and drainage network functionality, causing natural disasters. To increase the effectiveness of the existing networks, retarding basins are used.

The retarding basins are placed in the single properties, correctly dimensioned on specific calculations which consider the total dimensions of the property, the areas with the presence of concrete and detailed calculation parameters given by the local admnistrations. The project system of these retarding basins is better known as Wet Pond. It is defined as a volume of water that can be used for aesthetic or recreative purposes, as accumulation tank for irrigation or as fire extinguisher (Wet Pond).


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The Wet Pond volume needs to be filtered and treated in order to remain always efficient and to avoid failures for deposits of mud, trash, seaweeds, typical of retarding basins not filtered and not inspectable. A correct filtration system consents to remove the pollutants contained in first rain water, that are the first 5mm of rain water fell in the area, interested in carrying the dirt from the surfaces.

The filtration and the treatment of the water of the Wet Pond needs to be done to favour the mixing of meteoric waters in order to be subject to filtration, with  consequent decreasing of pollutants of the reciever, that is the sewage. The request of Mylago as retarding basin needs always to be done by a qualified technician that drafts a specific technical relation that is presented in advance at the properly qualified technic office.