Discover the safety of the gradated walls that turn into beaches and seating solutions, reproducing harmonious forms typical of nature, ensuring you a unique garden pool !

Enjoy the design with which you can model chairs and chaise lounges to satisfy the needs of all bathers. Decorating the interior of a Mylago is simple and guarantees a remarkably liveable setting, ensuring you a unique garden pool.

For a Mylago customer it would be inconceivable to have a flat-bottom pool where the bathing experience is the same throughout the entire pool. Mylago is like a room of the house where every seat is shaped to provide maximum well-being and increase the bathing time.


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MyLago In perfect harmony with the environment.

Thanks to its characteristics, Mylago is the only technology capable of going beyond the aesthetic limitattions of traditional swimming pools by creating a unique aquatic environment in any garden. Create the best garden pool based on your neeeds !

Creating a unique acquatic environment in any garden, modelled on the needs of humans in perfect harmony with the environment.
Each garden can be turned into a new environment, increasing the property’s value, upgrading the surrounding landscape and improving the wellness of the client. Humans, by their very nature, seek Water and discover a new space with “Mylago”.